McLaren celebrates 60 years by doing some big drifts in an Artura hybrid

David Linklater
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September 2023 marks 60 years since Kiwi Bruce McLaren founded his racing team and company. It's since morphed into a Formula 1 mainstay and (more recently, since 2010) maker of excellent supercars and hypercars.

So the company celebrated its birthday in the most appropriate way: with some carefully crafted skids on track.

Tool for the birthday skids was the new Artura plug-in hybrid - which you can read more about in our review here. Although our drifts weren't as big. Or drifty.

McLaren's current road car range is organised into GT, supercar (that's the Artura), Motorsport and Ultimate series models.

Its first and arguably still most famous road car was the 1993 McLaren F1. As part of the Ultimate Series, it was also first to deliver a hybrid hypercar, the McLaren P1. In 2016, it announced a new hybrid hyper-GT and confirmed in 2018 that the next Ultimate car would be the Speedtail.

In 2019 McLaren launched the 600LT Spider, the new GT and the track-only McLaren Senna GTR. It also
unveiled the 620R and McLaren Elva, before launching the 765LT the following year.

In 2021, the company unveiled its hybrid supercar, the McLaren Artura.

Most recently, it unveiled the lightest and most powerful series-production McLaren to date, the 750S.

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