Lexus open to building electric ute if demand is there

Jet Sanchez
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The hypothetical Lexus ute won't be based on the Toyota Tundra - or any other Toyota ute.

The hypothetical Lexus ute won't be based on the Toyota Tundra - or any other Toyota ute.

Lexus may venture into the world of electric utes if there's sufficient demand from its customer base. While the carmaker has no current plans to produce its versions of Toyota's existing ICE-powered ute lineup, including the Hilux, Tacoma, and Tundra, it remains open to the possibility of developing a fully electric truck in the future.

2023 Toyota Tundra

During a recent press briefing in Japan, Takashi Watanabe, President of Lexus, clarified the brand's stance on pickup trucks. He stated that there won't be any Lexus-branded models based on existing Toyota trucks. Toyota is responsible for the development of utes within the group, leaving Lexus and Gazoo Racing with other responsibilities.

But there's hope yet. Watanabe revealed that Lexus will be leading electric vehicle (EV) development within the Toyota group and aims to provide a diverse range of options. He told, "If there is a strong demand from consumers for Lexus to introduce or unveil a pickup, it is a possibility for the future." Nevertheless, he emphasised that there are currently "no discussions" regarding a ute in the near term.

Reading between the lines, it appears that Lexus is closely monitoring market trends and will make a decision about entering the ute segment at a later time.

2023 Lexus GX interior

With a growing number of electric utes scheduled for release in the coming years and the rising popularity of pickups in markets such as North America and Australia, it wouldn't be surprising if more luxury automakers, including Lexus, decided to join the fray.

Utes have evolved from basic work machines to well-appointed and sophisticated vehicles, offering the comfort of SUVs, premium aesthetics, and the practicality of a rear bed.

As the auto industry continues to shift towards electrification and consumers show increased interest in electric trucks, it's clear that automakers like Lexus are poised to adapt and explore new opportunities in the evolving market.

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