Is the Toyota FT-Se the electric MR2 we've been waiting for?

Jet Sanchez
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Is this the electric Toyota MR2 revival?

Is this the electric Toyota MR2 revival?

Earlier this month, we reported that Toyota was considering the GR Corolla/GR Yaris engine for a potential MR2 revival. But with the 2023 Japan Mobility Show upon us, Toyota may have something more futuristic up its sleeve: an electrified MR2.

Is an electric Toyota MR2 on the way?

Toyota FT-Se Toyota MR2

Unveiled alongside the FT-3e crossover SUV concept, the Toyota FT-Se deviates from the styling cues of its siblings, the Supra and GR 86, and instead evolves the design language first seen in the 2021 GR Sports Concept. 

The resulting aesthetics are modern, aggressive, and undeniably attractive. One of the first elements that catch the eye is the front end, adorned with a blacked-out grille, large air intakes, and vertically aligned LED daytime running lights stretching down to the base of the fascia.

Toyota FT-Se Toyota MR2

The FT-Se carves a distinctive identity with a pointed nose, sharp angles on the front quarter panels, and a sculpted cabin shape. The sporty concept further impresses with intricate wheels sitting over red brake callipers, dramatic rocker panels, flush door handles, and tiny wing mirrors.

Toyota has engineered the FT-Se with a "cutting-edge silhouette" aimed at reducing aerodynamic drag. This is especially evident in the moulded rear quarter panels that transition smoothly into small fins, where thin LED taillights are housed. The design aids in slicing through the air efficiently. 

Toyota FT-Se Toyota MR2 interior

At the back, the car flaunts a dramatic diffuser and a ducktail spoiler akin to that on the Supra. The show even featured a variant of the FT-Se with a fixed rear wing attached to the rear window, indicating its racetrack readiness.

Toyota FT-Se Toyota MR2

The unveiling of the FT-Se has ignited the rumour mill once again, with some speculating if this is the electric successor to the Toyota MR2. All things considered, the FT-Se could be the ideal torchbearer for Toyota's electric sportscar venture in a world swiftly moving towards sustainable mobility​​.


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