Ineos founder reveals plans for all-electric baby Grenadier off-roader
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Photos / Supplied

Photos / Supplied

An ambitious brand hoping to shake up the four-wheel-drive market has outlined plans to develop a small electric SUV.

Ineos Automotive, the car company started in a London pub by Britain’s richest man, should introduce its Grenadier four-wheel-drive to New Zealand this year.

Rugged looks inspired by the classic Land Rover Defender join BMW-sourced petrol and diesel engines in the Grenadier, a car that could be considered Europe’s answer to the Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series.

Company founder Jim Ratcliffe says the Grenadier will be followed by a second, more compact machine.

“What we’re also looking at quite carefully at the moment is a smaller version of the Grenadier, electric,” he said.

“We need to embrace the future, which clearly in an urban environment is going to be electric. But even in a country environment, when you’re a farmer, you probably will have an electric car which you can drive around on tracks and things like that.”

“You’ll want one which is capable, but it’s electric. I think that’s our vision at the moment.”

Ineos has not released any technical details surrounding the smaller machine.

If the Grenadier’s boxy looks are any indication, the smaller machine could shape up as something akin to an electrified Suzuki Jimny, delivering off-road ability in a compact package.


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