GMC's $170K electric Hummer sells out in minutes as online orders open

Andrew Sluys
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It's a badge as iconic as American itself, and General Motors' decision to revive the Hummer as the world's first super truck has paid off perfectly, with thousands of units selling in just minutes. 

Unlike Tesla's Cybertruck which opened online with unlimited pre-order slots, GMC limited the 1st Edition Hummer EV to "thousands of examples" which were all snapped up in a matter of minutes. 

Priced from around NZ$170,000, pre-order slots opened up online with a price tag of $150 attached, and eagle-eyed Hummer lovers jumped at the chance of owning a range-topping Edition 1. 

Currently only available in America, the Hummer is offered in both a double-cab truck and SUV configurations with production slated to start in 2021 at the brand's ZERO plant in Detroit. 

According to GM, this Edition 1 will produce a whopping 735kW and 2033Nm, from a tri-motor configuration. Like most tri-motor EVs, one motor will be mounted on the front axle, with the other two driving the rear wheels. 

This mammoth torque figure reportedly results in a 0-100km/h time of 3 seconds flat — which is a true feat of physics for a truck of this size. 

Range is reportedly set at 560km from its 200kWh battery which can be charged at 350kW. This onboard fast-charging system is able to deliver a driving range of 160km in just 10 minutes. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like GM is planning on bringing the Hummer down to New Zealand anytime soon, which is a real shame considering that it would fit nicely into the GMSV line-up.

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