EV startup Savic Motorcycles gears up for New Zealand market entry

Jet Sanchez
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Savic Motorcycles, an innovative Australian start-up, is gearing up for a significant expansion by bringing its groundbreaking C-Series EV motorbike to New Zealand. 

This move follows an extensive and successful testing phase, including a remarkable performance at the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit in Ventnor, Australia.

Spearheaded by former Ford engineer Dennis Savic, the company's foray into New Zealand marks a new chapter in its journey, showcasing its commitment to revolutionising electric mobility.

Phillip Island testing: a prelude to expansion

Savic Motorcycles New Zealand

The C-Series, a café-racer-styled electric motorcycle, has undergone rigorous pre-production testing, epitomised by its trials at the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit. This testing regime was crucial not just for ensuring the bike's performance but also as a stepping stone for its entry into new markets, including New Zealand. 

“The story of the bike over the last few years shows the honesty of the Savic Motorcycles organization… when things were difficult or problems arose the Savic Motorcycles team told us instead of hiding anything. They also told us how they solved the problems and how each prototype and test built a better motorcycle,” according to the company.

Refinement and performance

Savic Motorcycles New Zealand

Throughout its development, the C-Series has seen numerous refinements. The motorcycle's aesthetic appeal remains rooted in the classic café racer design, but the technical aspects have been continuously enhanced. 

Notably, professional racers have fine-tuned the suspension, and the bike has undergone high-load and thermal management system testing at speeds of up to 170km/h. Dennis Savic's commitment to perfection shines through in these developments. Reflecting on the testing at Phillip Island, he described it as “a glimpse into the future”.

The unique appeal of the C-Series

Savic Motorcycles New Zealand

Contrary to the silent operation typically associated with electric bikes, the C-Series boasts a distinctive sound, compared to a jet fighter, especially prominent on the Phillip Island course straight. This feature adds to its allure, blending traditional motorcycle elements with modern electric vehicle technology.

Next stop: New Zealand

Savic Motorcycles New Zealand

As Savic Motorcycles prepares to launch the C-Series in New Zealand, it stands at the forefront of an electric revolution in the motorcycle industry.

The combination of classic design, innovative technology, and rigorous testing promises to make the C-Series a notable entrant in the New Zealand market, signalling a vibrant future for electric motorcycles in the region, especially as homegrown brands like Wellington's FTN Motion seek to disrupt the market even further.

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