Electric BMW M3 Neue Klasse goes official, set for 2027

Jet Sanchez
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The BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept, which previews the new Series 3 and M3.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept, which previews the new Series 3 and M3.

It's official: an all-electric version of the BMW M3 is in the works, with a release date set for 2027. It will reportedly use the next-generation Neue Klasse platform currently under development for electric vehicles (EV).

Notably, the new architecture lends its name to the Vision Neue Klasse concept, which debuted at the Munich Motor Show this past month.

The naming schemes are intentional, as BMW has indicated the upcoming 3 Series (arriving in 2025) will be the first of a new line of EVs based on Neue Klasse.

That could mean the Vision prototype has already given us our best look yet at the new 3 Series, M3 EV, and even an electric X3. Those models will likely appropriate major design and mechanical elements introduced in the concept vehicle, such as E Ink tech and the Panoramic Vision full-width heads-up display (HUD).

But despite a sharp focus on the future, BMW says it will still offer an ICE-powered M3. It will become available alongside the EV and feature a new petrol power plant, likely an updated version of the current S58 inline-six with around 400 kW and Euro 7 compliance.

As for the M3 EV, it could use a quad-motor drivetrain that outputs up to 1,000 kW. BMW has been developing this propulsion tech for some time now, and Neue Klasse vehicles look like the ideal recipient for such a thing. 

While unconfirmed, the ridiculous power figure more than doubles that of the ICE M3 while enabling other performance enhancements. The new platform can provide more control over the drivetrain with features like rear-wheel-biased modes and enhanced torque vectoring.

The all-electric BMW M3 has a tentative launch date of 2027. It will follow the next-gen 3 Series, which should become available around two years earlier. Pricing and specs have yet to be revealed, but more informational will be available closer to launch.


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