Bugatti owner reveals the mind-blowing service costs of the Veyron

Andrew Sluys
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If you're a car owner, you might have experienced some unforeseen costs the first time that you took your vehicle to the mechanics. While it wasn't a massive bill, those little additions on the bill can really put a dampener on your day. 

One way to get around these costs is by purchasing a Bugatti Veyron, and while a multi-million dollar supercar might put you in crippling debt for the rest of your life, at least they're upfront with the service costs. 

Unless you're already a millionaire like Manny Khoshbin, this advice shouldn't be followed, but the supercar mogul recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel explaining all the costs surrounding Veyron ownership. 

To first get your foot in the door with one of Bugatti's W16-equipped monsters, it's going to set you back around $2 to $3 million over in the United States. The Veyron was never officially sold in New Zealand or Australia due to the fact it was left-hand drive exclusive, but a couple of models have since made their way to Aussie. 

Once you've managed to land a Veyron, you're presented with Bugatti's strict servicing schedule. To make sure that these cars are able to hit 400km/h at any given second, Bugatti states that all fluids have to be replaced once a year, which costs around $40,000. This is down to the fact that the sixteen-cylinder engine contains 16 drain plugs, and the majority of the rear assembly including the brake system has to be removed to access them. 

Once you've dealt with the fluids, the French manufacturer recommends changing the tyres every two years. As with most parts on the car, these are extremely high-performance tyres, and cost about $60,000 for a set. 

Add this to the wheels that have to be replaced every 16,000km for some reason and cost $75,000 per set, and you're looking at around $175,000 for a couple of years of Veyron ownership — depending on your annual mileage. 

Khoshbin seems all too happy to foot these bills for his two Veyrons, and if you had the money, wouldn't you? He adds that his upcoming Bugatti Chiron will only set him back $12,000 for a set of tyres, something that he's ecstatic about. 

So next time you fail a WoF for a dodgy set of tyres, just be happy that you won't have to fork out a small house deposit for the new rubber. 

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