AA DRIVEN NZ COTY 2022: BYD Atto 3 is the best Clean Car BEV of the year

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It might be from a brand previously unknown and completely new to New Zealand, but the BYD Atto 3 has taken the burgeoning Kiwi battery electric vehicle (BEV) market by storm.

There’s no doubt it’s come at the right time for first-time plug-in buyers: the sharp pricing is on par with many petrol or diesel SUVs (bearing in mind the BYD’s lavish equipment levels), and that’s before you claim the $8625 Clean Car Discount, which both models are eligible for.

The value for money equation could be enough to ensure success for the Atto 3 among buyers. But it’s also a genuinely good car, regardless of price.

BYD is a battery specialist and its proprietary “Blade” technology is state of the art. We’ve found range to be as good as (or often better than) claimed and the dynamic package is impressive, with a compliant ride and secure handling on tricky Kiwi roads.

It’s fair to say the interior styling is polarising, but it’s high quality and certainly far from boring – which is often a complaint about mainstream SUVs. And it does have some genuinely clever features, like the central infotainment display that can rotate though 90 degrees.

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Runners up: Kia EV6, Polestar 2.

ENGINE: 50kWh or 60kWh battery with single electric motor
POWER: 150kW/310Nm
GEARBOX: Single-speed automatic, FWD
CONSUMPTION: 16kWh/100km, range 320-420km (WLTP)
PRICE: $55,490-$59,990 (less $8625 Clean Car Discount)


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