AA DRIVEN COTY 2022 People's Choice: Toyota RAV4 SUV voted top by readers

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The people have spoken, and they have chosen Toyota RAV4 as the 2022 AA DRIVEN People’s Choice winner. With the list formed from the top 15 vehicles sold in New Zealand from January to October 2022, we form a semi-random ordered list and open the voting for the month of November for the public to vote.

Of course, there is incentive, and our partnership with the AA offers up a grand prize of $5000 of fuel, the winner’s choice of either $5000 of petrol or diesel, thanks to AA Smartfuel, or $5000 worth of EV charge credit thanks to ChargeNet, so whatever your choice of transport is, we’ve got it covered.

And with almost 55,000 votes over those few weeks, we can reveal that the winner of the People’s Choice for 2022 is also one of NZ’s most popular vehicles, the Toyota RAV4. Check out the Gallery below to see all 15 contenders.

A second-time winner, also taking the People’s Choice in 2019, the Toyota RAV4’s popularity is clear, with orders for some models stretching all the way to 2024, and the Hybrid models resonating particularly well with buyers after a medium/large SUV with economy ideals, across a wide choice of variants.

It’s also a suitable and extra satisfying win for the RAV4, as the model was deemed ineligible for inclusion in the 2022 class awards, due its lack of availability to purchase, however, the People’s Choice proves the popularity of the RAV4.

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A similar congratulations to the winner of our $5000 fuel prize, Mr Adrian Kjellberg, who by coincidence, also voted for the RAV4. Adrian was very pleased to hear he had be chosen, and will likely be opting for the $5000 of fuel option, which should keep him motoring along for the better part of a year.

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