All-electric Toyota Hilux to go into production in 2025

Jet Sanchez
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Toyota's cautious approach to the electric vehicle (EV) market has finally taken a significant step forward. 

The Japanese automaker, renowned for its hybrids, has officially announced production of the electric Toyota Hilux, set to begin in late 2025. This marks a notable shift in Toyota's strategy, reflecting its gradual expansion into the full EV sector.

Production plans

Toyota Hilux EV New Zealand

The production of the all-electric Hilux ute, officially the Hilux Revo BEV, will be primarily based in Thailand. 

This decision aligns with the region's market dynamics, where utes account for more than 50 per cent of all vehicle sales. 

Toyota's choice to manufacture the electric Hilux in Thailand is strategic, considering the significant demand for utes in Southeast Asia and neighbouring regions. Notably, Hilux models sold in New Zealand also originate in Thailand.

Pras Ganesh, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Asia, highlighted the logistical considerations in an interview with Reuters: "The more range I have to put on it, the more battery I have to put on it, which means the weight of the vehicle also becomes significantly heavier, which means the loading can be much less." 

The Hilux Revo BEV will directly compete with the electric Isuzu D-Max, another vehicle set to be assembled in Thailand. 

Although Toyota has initially targeted the Thai market, it is also evaluating potential export opportunities. This move could position Toyota as a significant player in the global electric ute market.

Technical specs

Toyota Hilux EV New Zealand

While detailed technical specifications for the Hilux Revo BEV are yet to be disclosed, Toyota has previously hinted at a range of approximately 200km. This figure, though not specified under any particular test cycle, suggests a focus on urban and regional usability rather than long-haul capabilities.

The prototype revealed in late 2022 showcased a single-cab Hilux with a 4x2 setup and a long bed featuring a floor-mounted battery. This design is based on the model currently sold in Thailand. The challenge for Toyota's engineers will be to optimise the battery capacity without compromising the vehicle's loading capability or overall practicality.

Evolving Hilux

Toyota Hilux EV New Zealand

The decision to convert the current-generation Hilux to an EV despite its near-decade-long presence in the market indicates that this model may continue for a few more years. 

Alternatively, the forthcoming updates might involve a substantial refresh rather than a complete overhaul. This strategy allows Toyota to leverage the existing platform while integrating new electric technologies, potentially extending the lifespan of the current model into the next generation.


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